How it works?

    • Download and unzip the application. Confirm your agreement with Private Policy and Terms & Conditions
    • Enter your phone number and the desired number of SMS outgoing that you are willing to sell per month
    • Select receiving SMS operators
    • Make sure the Sim card is active and your Internet access is fine

The application wouldn’t work in case if you internet access is disabled on your device!

    • Do not turn off the application. Now with every both incoming and outgoing SMS transferred by our test service using your Sim card, you will receive from XX cents on your account.
    • Watch your income grow and get paid monthly!

Features to start, run and grow
your finances

Get income all the time

Сonvenient withdrawal of funds

Access from your phone

Instant reports

Сontinuous growth

User-friendly interface

Detailed tutorials

More benefits

Why you should try it?

  • It doesn’t matter where you are – you can profit from the app. The main thing is to keep the mobile Internet turned on.
  • You completely control the process of using your outgoing messages, because it’s you who sets the number of SMS for sale.
  • No worries. The application works in the meanwhile, silently, neither received nor sent SMS ever disturbs you.

Testimonals & reviews

Daniel Smith

Amaizing app! Easy to use. Why not having a chance to resell stuff you have no opportunity to use and with draw real cash for it into a personal account for more needful things?

Kate Miller

Never used such thing before. This is a really useful thing when you have plenty of SMS unused, but obligatory included in your mobile tariff. It allows you to get cash back, indeed.

Convert unused SMS into Money!

Frequently asked questions

What using SMS is made for?

We use your incoming and outgoing SMS to test the quality of mobile operator’s coverage. So neither SPAM nor intrusive sales are sent from your number.

Do I get paid for every incoming and outgoing message?

You receive income from those SMS that are received or sent by us through the application.

How much can I earn?

It all depends on you. The more often the application works (the Internet is on, the application is active, etc.), the more often we use your channel. Rates and frequency of use depend on your country and the operator.

Is it safe to install the app?

Certainly. Your personal data is processed and stored in accordance with a strict privacy policy you agree upon.

I have a question you haven't answered.

Please contact us for more details and we will answer all your questions asap. You can write to us. Our Telegram Public Group is or send a message in the application form provided.

Can my account get access?
With lots of client, your accountant may be glapping with:
  • Time loss to manually checking unwildly spreadsheets and records.
  • A migration nightmare as MTD forces clients to adopt digital software
  • An increased administrative burden from quarterly MTD fillings
  • A shift in the profession from bookkeeper to trusted advisor
How much can I earn?
  • That depends on SMS amount within a single package, available for sale per month
Still have questions?
Feel free to ask any questions directly!

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