How does it work?

    • Download and unzip the application to your phone.
    • Go to the app and confirm your agreement with Private Policy and Terms.
    • Enter your number and the amount of SMS you are ready to receive.
You may set up unlimited SMS – the application works in such a way that incoming test SMS generated by app does not clog up your phone’s memory.
    • Make sure the SIM card is active, and you have Internet access.
    • Keep the app active with the internet on and watch your income grow!

Features to start, run and grow
your finances

Getting income non-stop

Confidence in receiving funds

Access from your phone

Permanent reports

Continuous growth

Friendly interface

Detailed instructions

Even more benefits

Why you should try it?

  • It doesn’t matter where you are – you can benefit from the app. The main thing is that the mobile Internet should be on.
  • No worries. The application works in the background, silently, and the SMS received will not disturb you.
  • With the Mobirich application, you can use your phone as usual – all SMS from regular users will be available to you as usual.

What does the app pay money for?

Mobile operators and SMS marketing services need to test the quality of their SMS delivery when they send them to subscribers from different countries. We pay you to use your real phone numbers for these tests. When you receive a message in Mobirich, the program automatically records how quickly and how well the message was delivered. It’s that simple! You help us to improve the quality of mobile operators; we reward you for your help in turn!

Is it legal?

We monitor the full compliance of the system with the latest requirements of the GDPR privacy policy. The application collects exclusively technical data on the quality of SMS delivery, which is specially sent through it. We do not read or use your private messages, your content, information about senders, and so on!

Testimonals & reviews

Daniel Smith

Amaizing app! Easy to use. Why not having a chance to resell stuff you have no opportunity to use and with draw real cash for it into a personal account for more needful things?

Kate Miller

Never used such thing before. This is a really useful thing when you have plenty of SMS unused, but obligatory included in your mobile tariff. It allows you to get cash back, indeed.

Convert unused SMS into Money!

Frequently asked questions

What are you using SMS for?

We use your incoming SMS to test the quality of coverage of mobile operators. So no SPAM from your number and no intrusive sales.

Will I get paid for every message?

You will receive income from those SMS that were received from us through the application.

How much can I earn?

It all depends on you. The more SMS you receive, the higher the chance that you will use your mobile network for free, covering the costs of mobile communications. As the incoming test traffic grows, your balance will increase, and this will certainly increase your budget.

Is it safe to install the app?

Indeed, your data will be processed and stored following a strict Privacy Policy.

I have a question that you haven't answered

Please contact us and we will answer all your questions. You can write us at: or send a message in the application itself.

Can my account get access?
With lots of client, your accountant may be glapping with:
  • Time loss to manually checking unwildly spreadsheets and records.
  • A migration nightmare as MTD forces clients to adopt digital software
  • An increased administrative burden from quarterly MTD fillings
  • A shift in the profession from bookkeeper to trusted advisor
How much can I earn?
  • That depends on SMS amount within a single package, available for sale per month
Still have questions?
Feel free to ask any questions directly!

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