Get paid for incoming SMS
Mobirich is a free Android application where you can earn on incoming and outgoing sms generated by our program. No effort, no investment - just install our app and get paid!
Earn enough to pay your mobile bill
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How it works?
1. Install the Mobirich application 2. Make it the default program for receiving and sending messages. 3. Set up a withdrawal of money through Paypal
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Is it legal?
We monitor the full compliance of the system with the latest requirements of the GDPR privacy policy. The application collects exclusively technical data on the quality of sms delivery, which are specially sent through it. We do not read or use your private messages, their content, information about their senders, and so on!
What does the app pay money for?
SMS aggregators and SMS marketing services need to test the quality of their SMS delivery when they send them to subscribers from different countries. We pay you to use your phone number for these tests. When you receive a message in Mobirich, the program automatically records how quickly and how well the message was delivered. It's that simple! You help us improve the quality of mobile operators, we reward you for your help!
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recommended app! Payment process is very fast. I got the money just a couple hours after I requested the payout, thank you! It's not big money but I don't do anything to earn it, just having this app on my phone and letting it work in the background. Love this app!
Judy Botha
Really good app. Easy to use and I get my money through PayPal.
Mark Valiente
I loved this app from the day I installed. Though the payment is small from a sms but I promise everyone will be delighted once it reaches the withdrawal limit. And the processing time of transactions is awesome for people like me.
Karol Casigay
The best money making machine I saw so far... You don't have to do anything, just add your number, get test sms's and wait to reach the minimum threshold (2$ euro).You can withdraw your money without any tension.I got my money many times. In a word,It us A great platform that everyone should try. :)
Widens Montances
34 590 800+
Tests sent
690 000+
Euro paid
70 400+
Registered users
Income up to 50 euros per month
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  • What is the purpose of the application? Why are you paying for the messages I will receive?
    We are an international testing platform, our clients are testing their message delivery paths. By installing Mobirich, you will add your phone number to our database. You will receive test messages from our platform, and we will reward you for each message you receive. You may also sell your unused sms - this will increase your income.
  • What personal data does the application have access to?
    Your phone number. In case you contact support we will know your email address.
  • Why install Mobirich by default?
    Our application will filter test messages in the background so as not to distract you. Regular messages will arrive as before.
  • Will I get paid for every message?
    You will be awarded for every message sent from our platform for testing purposes. You will receive € 0.02 for each incoming message and € 0.25 for each of your sold outgoing sms.
  • How often will I receive messages?
    It all depends on the number of tests carried out in your country. Maybe 0 to a dozen per day.
  • Can I earn more? How to increase the volume of messages?
    You can install a second SIM card in your smartphone if it supports this function. You can connect several phones and receive income from each active SIM card to one account.
  • Sometimes I get messages with some kind of links
    In extremely rare cases, Mobirich cannot filter the test message and it still gets through.
  • What should I do with received messages?
    If you did not ask for any confirmation codes or links, then you can safely delete such messages.
  • I've installed the app but haven't received any messages yet.
    Make sure the application is active and not unloaded from the phone memory. Remember the app needs internet access. Also, keep in mind that tests may not be conducted in your country at the moment, so you should wait a bit.
  • I receive messages, but the money is not credited
    First of all, make sure your phone number is active and correctly authorized in the app. You may need to reinstall the application and clear the cache. If that doesn't help contact support [email protected]
  • How can I delete my number / account?
    Just delete Mobirich and we will no longer send you messages.
  • Can you read my private messages?
    No, we do not send your private messages to the server. The application sends to our servers only those messages that have unique IDs in the message text that are generated by our system. For more details, please see the Privacy Policy on our website.
  • How to withdraw money? What are the options?
    Currently Mobirich supports withdrawing money to PayPal, USDT or your phone number.
  • How often can I withdraw money?
    As soon as € 2 or more is accumulated in your account, you can withdraw them.
Connect with us!
Thank you for your interest in MobiRich. We'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. Please contact us [email protected]